7 Effective Ways You Can Do to Win A War Against Depression

by Mukesh Balhara

In this generation, the alarming and horrible cases of depression continue to rise. It’s a considerably severe type of mental illness that may slowly kill an affected person emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even socially.

However, for several unfortunate circumstances, it results in committing suicide or causes a person to harm himself. This proves that depression isn’t a joke and it requires proper treatment as soon as possible. 

With that, for those who are currently on war against depression or even battling with other mental illnesses such as stress and anxiety, this is the time to win your fight. Don’t leave the pages and pick up the following tips as your weapon to face depression along the way.

1. Beat the negative thoughts in your mind

A depressed person is more likely preoccupied with unhealthy thoughts in mind. And if you’re experiencing this disturbing situation, get out and seek for the light at the end of that dark tunnel you’re in. 

This may sound uneasy at first, but you can make it possible by always keeping your mind busy all the time. You can immerse yourself with reading a book or novel, engage yourself with new sports, spend time with the people you’re comfortable with, start exploring and travelling, or try different types of art. 

You know those unhealthy and unhealthy thoughts will have no room if you’ll occupy your mind with positive thoughts beforehand. So, start beating out that negativity in your life, and conquer your most-awaited victory against depression. 

2. Engage yourself in swimming 

When you’re feeling down and suffering from depression, you’ll more likely lose your confidence. It’s because depression badly creates an impact on your overall views in life.

Depression results in gaining weight, the sudden appearance of different signs of ageing, and more unhealthy factors physically visible on your body. And with all these results, you’ll lose your self-esteem.

With that, you’re encouraged to try swimming. Swimming as a daily habit isn’t only an effective key to weight loss but also benefits your mental health. 

You can start by buying yourself the different swimming essentials like swimming goggles, swimwear, swimming caps or custom swimming caps, earplugs to prevent swimmer’s ear, and nose clips to prevent irritation. Custom swimming caps are a good choice if you want to have your swimming cap personalized according to your head size, preferred type of swimming caps, colour, and design. 

Start uplifting your overall confidence and slowly get it back again by staying as active in swimming as much you can. Save yourself from drowning in an unfortunate situation with swimming. 

3. Shoo all the insecurities and envy away 

Most people who are battling with depression hate to admit this fact, but most of the time, envy and insecurities are the major causes of mental illness. How is this possible? 

The emergence of social media that uncontrollably gives birth to a variety of influencers unintentionally delivers insecurities to people. You might not be aware of it, but your dependence on social media and in everything you see in it affects your principles in life. 

You may see your friend or a celebrity posting travel goals, food goals, or relationship goals – this may make you question your life and what you have in it. So, the best thing to do is to stay away from screens or limit your time used in social media browsing. 

4. Stick with your family and truest friends

As you get slowly drowned with lots of negativity and unpleasant thoughts, you must know that it’s not the time to face the battle alone. Don’t imprison yourself in the four corners of your room, get out and seek help from the people who are closest to you. 

It’s important that you keep yourself close to your family and truest friends, and to all the people who can easily give you advice and motivation. Swallow your pride, and know that war isn’t meant to be faced by a lone soldier – it’s easily won by a bonded and well-trained Battalion, so start gathering your troupe! 

5. Say no to people who cause you pain and self-doubt

It’s painful to swallow the bitter pill of truth that there are people in your life that make you question your value, your self-worth, and the root cause for you to doubt your overall capability. And the easiest way to escape this burden or heavy feeling is to stay away from those kinds of people. 

Don’t think of what they might say, think of saving yourself instead. It’s sad to say, but some people are feeling satisfied belittling others and happy to see them suffer in life. So, for you to run around the battleground, free yourself with this burden – leave all these people behind and stay close to the closest people in your heart. 

6. Say “Hi!” to a better and healthier lifestyle

You might have no time to see the worth and benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but if you want to win your fight against depression, you better think of staying fit and healthy as much as you can. People like you who are battling with depression most likely lose their appetite and disregard their overall health. Well, it’s time for you to know that doing this to yourself isn’t helping you to survive in the battleground. 

Stop being stubborn and start delivering yourself into a much better and healthier lifestyle. Keep in touch with a healthy meal plan, and an active lifestyle to have enough supply of strength to face your battles. 

As you commit yourself with an active lifestyle, you’re opening more rooms for a positive vibe in your life. Moreover, you’ll feel better, stronger, healthier, and you’ll feel more confident than before due to seeing better results of staying active.

7. Spot your strengths and weaknesses

One common mistake of people who are battling with depression is that they keep their eyes straight on their weaknesses. Well, if that’s the case, you’ll possibly lose your fight with the mental illness. 

There are many keys to open the door of victory against depression and one of them is knowing their strengths and weaknesses. You must know that by being aware of what you’re capable of and what you’re not capable of, you can choose on the right weapon or strategy to use in defeating depression.

Moreover, this will make you think that you can do something and you’re not a good-for-nothing type of a person to be defeated by any mental illness. And in the long run, you can gradually develop your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.  

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